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KB Home Refused to do any further repairs on my home forcing me into arbitration costing me thousands of dollars. Click here for the news video


Thank you Noah from CBS for this Blight Christmas video of our complex 

Buyer beware: Attorney fees, inspection fees, lost work - will you even be able to live in your new KB Home? Owners across the country are having issues. Please see the News station reports. It shows different complexes, shoddy workmanship & code violations. KB Home has told so many people they are going to do the work and then they don't.

whistleblower lawsuit, Ruben O'Neill v. KB Home, alleged the homebuilder knew about - but failed to disclose - structural defects in their Willowbrook homes before selling them to home-buyers in June 2007 See report at WTSP.com

Excellent article: 10/16/12 KB Must Stand for Ka-Boom

This is your biggest investment. Take the time to read the reports / news media. It's not one faulty issue, it's MAJOR CONSTRUCTION and OUTRIGHT FRAUD.

KB Home uses Non-Binding forced arbitration (After the FTC ordered them to stop Binding Arbitration) is a predatorily process that most cannot afford therefore offers no means of legal recourse to hold the builder accountable for the average person.

I have spent tens of thousands in legal fees, inspection fees, none of which is recoverable under the arbitration. KB Home uses this knowing most people cannot afford it. They force you into non-binding arbitration by refusing to fulfill their warranty. They place all exclusions in the warranty from no responsibility from injuries/illness from their shoddy construction to not being able to recover your legal fees that you paid to fight for their sub quality building and outright refusal to repair. The whole process is outlined in their warranty book. Little did I know they would not hold up their end and follow through on the warranty claims and build unsafe buildings by refusing to use the building codes.

Many of us have gone years battling with them and mostly either had band-aid repairs or no repairs. George Glance said they have continuously worked on our warranty issues. FALSE, they refused to do any further work in my home, I have water intrusion, toxic molds and the structural of the building is not built to code. Story after story from homeowners, one has had paver bricks left in his master bedroom for almost a year. So many people are sick from the molds in their homes, but the clauses protect KB from paying for them to live elsewhere and how long do they wait for a correct repair. I wouldn't doubt and expect there is going to be negligent homicide either from the toxic mold or a building collapsing in the near future. 

KB Home is refusing to buy back our homes. Even if they repair correctly when we sell we have to disclose the issues. These are sick buildings. The value in our homes have plummeted.

My "Dream Home" has cost me everything to fight KB Home for an uninhabitable home they sold me that is not built to code, full of toxic molds and a danger to live in, so bad I moved out after only seven months. They had every opportunity to repair but instead have abused me emotionally, financially and physically and forcing me into arbitration by refusing to do any more work. Buyer Beware, do your research before buying in this company. I was even assaulted by one of there sales reps. 

What KB Home is telling the news media about our complex is the same they told the BBB years ago with me, yet they outright refused to repair forcing me into arbitration with the award being for them to repair or pay me. You know which one they want. 

KB Home has taken no responsibility of things stolen and broken in my home. A convicted drug felon was sent to my home who died after doing drugs on his break and returned to work and died. Do you want these type people in your home? Can you afford taking months off work? Their shoddy work has caused a major injury to  my foot and hospitalized me from the mold. Children and adults are sick from the toxic molds and forced to move out of their homes for their safety. Some are unable to move out, no place to go.  Is this the dream home you want?

KB Home has made a confidentiality agreement with at least two that we know of so far on the whistleblowers. Wonder how much they were paid for the agreement?

Rumor has it KBHomeSucks.com came to a confidentiality agreement for $750,000. Rumor also going around another website was bought out a while back for one million. KB Home has repeatedly bought out other websites and adding gag orders with the buyout. FYI KB Home - My website is not for sale, as you tried before with your offer. The public needs to know what they are risking purchasing one of your homes. I'd rather see you arrested and shut down. KB Home has now filed a lawsuit against a number of people

KB Home seems they would rather shut people up than build quality homes to code and hide known construction defects. I will be purchasing the history of the IP addresses that KB owns and from that I can get a better idea how many people they have come to a confidentiality agreement with and will publish the results. Good news is getting the FBI and US Attorney in we can possibly get these people to testify without them breaking their shut-up contract with KB. Just amazes me the time, energy and money they put out instead of building quality homes. Why doesn't the company do a major overhaul and fire a lot of their people or does CEO Jeff Mezger need to fire himself? Time will tell as more investigations are done.

KB Home is breaking the FTC Consent Order If you are one of thousands of victims of them refusing to repair your home in 60 days please go to take action.  The consent order is here

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